Saturday, 8 November 2014


 Hi there! So sorry for being absent for such a long time from here, would not even mention this if it wasn't for my laziness, in fact I took these pictures like a month ago...
Well, anyways! Time flies, at least if feels so to me. It is only about seven weeks till Christmas folks! What has happened lately? A lot of stuff, I wish I could write a short essay about everything haha. We had our autumn break last week so I flew home and visited all my friends and family and also packed a bunch of new stuff with me to my new room here. It was so nice to home just for a while and meet all my dear ones. We even had snow!
Here back in the Belgian end again the weather is still quite good and sunny, but to be honest it is starting to get a bit more chilly here, too.

Time is ticking away, didn't even notice I never posted any pictures from Brugge that we visited approximately a month ago. It was such a nice and beautiful city that I can warmly recommend you to visit if you happen to be passing by nearby. All the pictures are from there.

Soon I'll go down to have some breakfast, or as lucky as we are we have a brunch every Saturday and Sunday. Later on today we were planning on making our way down to Brussels city centre to enjoy the sunny day with good food and great company.

Take care!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Couldn't escape if I wanted to
Knowing my fate is to be with you
Finally facing my Waterloo"


Tuesday, 9 September 2014

School trip to northern France

Time flies! Soon I've been here for three whole weeks (feels like forever, but in a good way of course). Time for some serious updating!
We made a trip to northern France with all the gymnasium and IB students last week. We had a great time exploring the small city of Amiens, First World War battlefields, a castle, a cathedral and my favourite; Baie de Somme.
Baie the Somme is like a seabed (but we walked there at low tide of course), giving you a two hour long spa treatment. I enjoyed it very much, haha.
I also made new friends and got to know the 'old once' (yeah very old) friends even better. Can't wait for our next trip!
This week normal school continued, and it is time to work again, wish me luck!


Monday, 1 September 2014

School Buildings and stuff

Hi again!
Can't remember when I last wrote a new post this quick after the previous one, haha. Anyways, things are starting to 'roll' here so to say. School feels more or less like school, meaning you really feel the stress again with homework, essay writing, quizzes and so on. It is time by time hard to remember to prioritize things. I mean, at the moment I could be reading about the causes of the First World War, but instead I'm planning on finishing this post. Doing it all for you folks at home, really, why wouldn't I?
Anyways, what have I been doing lately? Well, on Saturday me and Sara (another girl from Finland doing the IB here) took the train and went to Brussels, the capital. It took us only 30 minutes by train and everything went nice and smooth, thanks to Alec (another IB student) who helped us buy the tickets and where to get off. Yeah, and he even made sure we would take the right train back home, how nice of him!
All we did was shopping, basically, and some sightseeing also. Brussels is so nice, very big, but it felt a bit empty. It was probably due to the school start, I mean, do they not start school in rest of Europe like TODAY?! Oh well, that wasn't the last time we will go there, still too much to see! (You'd think two years would be enough to explore every corner of the city, but well that's something we'll have to find out later I guess).
What else? Done some jogging around the city of Waterloo, IN THE RAIN. We've also done our best at exploring the castle and its many rooms. Still eating the best food ever. Tried to make the last days of summer count (not really, it has been raining A LOT). And when the sun is shining I'm sitting inside reading... But on Wednesday we're leaving to Northern France for a 3-day-long school trip, how nice! And even better is, that it will be purely history based! I'm really looking forward to it!

That is all for now. I'll catch up with you later! Until then, take care!