Tuesday, 9 September 2014

School trip to northern France

Time flies! Soon I've been here for three whole weeks (feels like forever, but in a good way of course). Time for some serious updating!
We made a trip to northern France with all the gymnasium and IB students last week. We had a great time exploring the small city of Amiens, First World War battlefields, a castle, a cathedral and my favourite; Baie de Somme.
Baie the Somme is like a seabed (but we walked there at low tide of course), giving you a two hour long spa treatment. I enjoyed it very much, haha.
I also made new friends and got to know the 'old once' (yeah very old) friends even better. Can't wait for our next trip!
This week normal school continued, and it is time to work again, wish me luck!


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