Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

Hello! Though my head is full of new ideas (I think it's due to the early Spring weather) I just can't find the time or inspiration to carry out them. If there's something I really want you to know, or if somebody accidentally is reading this, I'd like to recommend a few things. First of all, The Fault In Our Starts by John Green, read it if you haven't, and in English, please! And then, My Mad Fat Diary, a new British teenage telly series, two series are out, definitely a show worth watching, very touching! LOL. No, but literally I laughed I cried, I laughed I cried. If you want to watch a REAL series, not a... well you probably know what I mean... This could be something for you! Hope you enjoy the lovely weather!

Later ey!


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