Saturday, 1 February 2014

Doctor Who?

G'day folks! First of all, I promise these Mac-Coffee-pics won't appear in every single post from now on. Haha.
But yeah, just wanted to publish these pics I took this morning. I've got loads and loads of school work to do, but instead I started my Saturday off by watching Doctor Who from series 1, episode 1. There's a special reason for that, and it has to do with toilets, I'll leave the rest for your imagination... Maybe I'll tell you later, or comment down below if you want to guess!
Have a nice day anyways, take care!



  1. Heips. Etsin tuoltaä persoonallisia blogeja luettavakseni ja ihastuin kyllä kympillä tähän sun blogiisi! Kivoja kuvia ja raikas :) I like. Liityinpä siis lukijaksi :)

    TM -

    1. Voi kiitos kauheesti! Tosi kiva ku tykkäsit! :---)