Wednesday, 31 July 2013

København, Nyhavn

Oh hi, I'm finally here again! We had a lovely trip to Copenhagen, Denmark with my mother last week. I finally went through some of the photos I took, and as you may have seen, ended up posting some of them here. There are so many photos that I'll probably have to make a part II, will see that.
So the main 'point' of the trip was seeing Olly Murs and Robbie Williams live in Parken, a huge football stadium in the very center of Copenhagen.
And well, we did not have to walk away disappointed from the 3 hour show, oh no. The Robbie Williams Take the Crown Stadium Tour show was absolutely-amazingly-mind-blowing-fantastic-best-ever! Now afterwards I'm almost crying listening to the songs he sang. But I definitely think everyone should experience Robbie Williams, that entertainer live, cos he was SOMETHING ELSE! I do not wonder for a second why they say he is the worlds best singer entertainer on stage, and why his concerts are always sold out.
And yeah, you didn't feel alone there, with 40 000 others. And it is a totally different story how you get back home from there, but maybe I'll tell you that another time.

Now I'm just trying (trying and trying, well...) to make the best out of the two remaining weeks of holiday. Partly working then of course, somebody has to keep the money coming!
Hope you've all had at least a decent summer!
Hoping to be back again soon!


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